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+44 161 808 1445 I've had many calls from this number recently. Earlier this year I was contacted about PPI & asked to take out a life insurance policy in order to claim back PPI & was told in order to avoid paying fees I should buy a policy which I did. I then thought why did I do that, the guy had passed me to another operator / colleague & told me not to mention that I was claiming back PPI. Some time later when checking bank statement I recalled this conversation & cancelled the policy. These people have been calling me they claim to have a cheque in my maiden name but are insisting that I need to open life insurance policy in order for them to be able to forward / pay me the cheque. I have asked for them to to confirm all of this in writing which they say they cannot do so I have accused them of trying to fraudulently sell me insurance which I have not approached them to buy.
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