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R. Dicks
Notified me to tell me my son was in jail - traffic offense.
He4 was my sons lawyer and needed money to bail him out of jail.
I stupidly complied sending money via "Sams Club" gift cards.
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"John Phillips" called this morning saying my best friend was in a car wreck with a broken nose, his fault phone driving...needed 2 Grand to make bail, gag order on the case so he nor i could talk with anyone about it..i dont think so!!!
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SCAM!!! Do not fall for this story. They called my son's grandparents looking for $8,000 bail money to pay a bondsman to get my son out of jail. He was reported to have been in an accident driving his friends car and intoxicated. "Walter Sterling" was the attorney name. Gave a fake case file number and fake bar association number (#448 was of someone now deceased). These guys need to be in jail as they came very close to falling for this!!!
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Phillips, Oreilly & Sterling Law Firm. SCAMMERS !!!!!!
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Phillips, Oreilly & Sterling Law Firm. SCAMMERS !!!!!!
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