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Wallingford (Seattle) Homeowner
This is a legitimate call you should take or return (at the same 206-512-8032 number) for YOUR BENEFIT. They are Hydromax, an authorized partner of Puget Sound Energy. They are performing sewer inspections for households, at least in my case, whose sewers they were unable to scope/view/confirm during their scope from the "main line sewer" in the street (which was last April, in my case). In theory, tree roots or some other obstruction prevented them from confirming (from the street's main line) what they need to know about my home's sewer line. Rhe concern relates to cross damage between gas lines and sewer lines, and a problem could be potentially dangerous. If Hydromax is unable to reach you, they'll report back to PSE. If the homeowner refuses the inspection, or refuses any fixes (that PSE will arrange and pay for), the homeowner becomes liable for the dangerous situation. Below is part of an email they sent after my call with a very nice rep. They want to schedule a 60-90 minute appointment with an adult at your home. NO COST TO YOU but POTENTIAL DANGER/LIABILITY IF HOMEOWNER DOESN'T PARTICIPATE. My phone rep was well-informed, forthcoming, and able to look-up notes related to why my specific property needed the inspection. I recommend gathering your questions/concerns and giving them a call back. LETTER EXCERPT THEY EMAILED ME WITH MY PERMISSION: "Hydromax USA is a service partner of Puget Sound Energy and we examine all sewer lines and septic tanks in the vicinity of recent trenchless installations of PSE natural gas pipelines. With these examinations we can ensure that no gas lines have been inadvertently drilled through any part of your sewer/septic system, where they are vulnerable to damage by cutting tools used to clear blocked/clogged lines. These conflicts of natural gas lines and sewer pipes are referred to as cross bores."
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Seattle WA
This caller is legit. It's "Hydromax USA" who's been contracted by PSE (Puget Sound Energy) to check for possible cross bores (gas lines running through sewer/septic). They left a sticky note on my door last week to call them to make an appointment (which I promptly ignored). Tho annoying, it's a valid call. HOWEVER... The idiots should set their caller ID to SHOW "Hydromax USA" instead of "Out of Area". Thanks to David, who posted who they were on October 27, 2016, I accepted the call instead of adding it to my blocked list...
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Hydromax Usa Something about sewer safety inspection with Pse.
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