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Unknown number.
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Disturbed One
Received a call tonight from a Merchants Acceptance for a Katie White,nobody at our residence by that name.We pay our bills on time every month and no reason to be calling us.Left a message for that person to call them back,clearly states our names on our answering machine,and should have realized neither were a Katie.Very annoying!
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This is a DEBT COLLECTOR - Merchants Acceptance Corp.  I've never had an account with them, or with anyone that may have sold an account to them.  (I know this because I recently got COMPLETELY out of debt - all old accounts, everything.)  I answered once, and they asked for a "Cindy", which is not me.  I have had my same phone number for over 10 years.  They've clearly got the wrong person - I don't owe them anything, but they keep calling anyway.  They never leave a message.
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