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Stan is in Washington DC. We suspect he's an investigator for either corporate or the Federal Government. Watch out what you say to this guy. He plays the dumb old guy card to get you to talk and talk. He wants all your contact info and tries to get you to contact him directly.
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Long story short, Stan Grubman loves to use the n* word. So if anyone out there takes offense to that like I do, feel free to blow up his phone every night. Thank You and God Bless
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I just received a call from this rude excuse for a human being complaining that he didn't like the way I answered the phone and therefore must be a "dumb blonde". Asked to speak to the owner and when I told him I was he said well you are a dumb blonde and then hung up. HA HA HA HA! What a nightmare. Good luck getting business buddy!
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Laughing that I just found this site. Got the same thing happened to me. Called and then didn't give any time to respond to him before following up 4-5 more times a day. Then just got emails telling me I am a complete moron and he would never do business with me. Then another of the same. Guessing I may get a few more, they are quite entertaining.
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Yep, he's still up to his old self.  What a jerk.
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