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A security company
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Just called the number back from my work phone, which is a Government number. A very nice lady answered stating "so you're interested in continuing education, perhaps not right now..." I interrupted her, stated I'm not interested and asked that they remove my number from their data base. I gave her the number they initially called, she repeated the number and said "she will remove the number!"

I hope she does!
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I have text free app and this number is calling my number on this app. Lol scammers are pathetic.
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I am repeatedly receiving a call from this number. I answered it once and there was noise in the back ground such as a call center, and no one came on to speak when I said hello several times. I no longer answer calls from this number, nor do I call it back. It is an annoyance caller and my phone number is registered on the USA Federal - DO NOT CALL LIST which I will notify that I am receiving calls from this number.
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Paul Seelinger
Caller calls almost daily and hangs up.  Does not leave message
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