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This number was texting me about a job offer as a personal assistant, sent me a check for 1600 deposit in my bank and buy 2 gift cards for $500 each however I did my research on the number and video they sent me that was suppose to be a woman named “Lois Fuhr” who is a consultant and needs an assistant sending out beauty products to clients was a total scam as the addresses didn’t add up as well as the number, they asked for personal info such as name Bday bank I use and address (for the check) to be sent to, also a picture of me!!! I some how got in contact with another girl who got scammed by this Lois woman because she commented on a video from the YouTube account that was sent to me saying “this is a scam do not do anything this woman texts you” and she showed me screen shot of her text threat convo between her and “Lois” and the number was totally different! But the person behind that number (girl I got in touch with) was asking her to do the same errands. I feel dumb I fell for this crap !
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