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The [***] I  got told me I  can't hang up on him.  I told him Ohh really? ??  Listen to the dial tone [***]. Click lol
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These bums have called me wanting money I told them to sick it. I say to the bum your nothing but a scammer period and hung up . the clowns
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This number just left me a message saying it is the IRS. They wen as far as far as saying if I did not pay they arrest warranty and law suit were being filled. They acted funny first by answering the phone after one ring and using fake names even though it was the same person but 2 different calls. They ask questions such address, last 4 of social, and how much you remember to owe the IRS.

I reported them to the FTC and you should all do the same!
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Rita from Burleson Tx
Definite scam stating from IRS. No one calls from IRS unless you request a call back. How do these people get your number when you are on the "do not call list".  Even when you block them they still call on a different number.
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Low quality computer voice saying it's the IRS and they want to sue me.  I've gotten three calls since 7-27-16 from:
(954) 388-3114
(914) 616-2558
(347) 252-3827
with the same cheap computer voice, and exactly the same message. They ask me to call back, but we all know where THAT will go...

It would be nice if these jerks could be traced out and arrested and/or fined. How do you spell F-E-L-O-N-Y ?
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