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The computer-generated message left on my mobile voicemail is identical (same exact wording, same voice) to several messages since last May EXCEPT each message originates from a DIFFERENT phone number (even different area codes). The message fails to identify a company but urgently requests a return call to the "? department" about my account. I do not answer suspect calls. This one is highly suspect and I believe it is the IRS scam described by other recipients.
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They called telling me I'm being sued by IRS and to return the call.  Of course I never did. I also heard on the news that the IRS would not contact you by phone. They must think people are stupid!
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D. Cesarski
Woman calls claiming she is with the IRS and I'm getting sued.
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Just got the same message on my home machine.  Automated message.  Definitely an IRS scam.  They have tried this three times now.  The IRS will never call and leave a threatening message.
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Recording said from irs having lawsuit against me. Called number the call was quite jarbled but could tell the person on other end was heavily accented and there was alot of noise in other end. Clearly a scam. Blocked this number on my phone! They need to b caught and reported. Rediculous these people can get away w calling and pretending to b someone to get money!!!
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