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I too received this email, I was so freaked out,I drove to my bank and they did some research found out that the email was a scam. I was told to go to the police. which I did and they also told me it was a scam. I guy keep calling so the police called him back. The guy on the line said he doesn't speak English the police respond with your full of [***]. then he hung up on him. which was so stupid he call three more times I blocked the number.
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Joseph Davis
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SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!!please don't fall for it!
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looks like one I got
I just got an email just like that yesterday but had different money figures.
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cj johnson
This a scam my wife got an email from them forward it to myemailI've been called this number about 3 times asking a guy for the address street address so I can try to find out their location he then told me that in order to find you I had to send them my emailI told him no then he got upset with me and hung up I called and called back and then he would not answer so I let the phone ring this is a magicJack numberand the address that he gave me was bogus it was beside barbershop I think a pawn shop or tmobile something on a cornerthese guys are [***] zombie way this is just fake I actually did the street search of the four of the physical address and you can see exactly what the place looks like how you can ask them what is located near there the guy wouldn't tell me and got pissed and hung up
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