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staten island carpet and upholstery, no such place on the Island. Checked 411 and nothing, they claim to be on Foster Rd. or Forest Ave, and neither place has a listing... robo call about Free Estimates. just a scam
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Staten Island Carpet and upholstery is a scam, they claim to clean carpets, they call you and ask if you want a "Free" estimate.. this is a scam to get your credit information, do not give them anything and hang up.
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Carpet cleaning company automated message. I like most people registered with the useless National Do Not Call list. There's no option to press to stop receiving these calls. So I filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call we'll see if this works.
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A Little Guy Who Pays Taxes
Comes up as Unknown here. Honestly, people, do you really think the bought-and-paid for senators and congress critters actually care about us? If you do, I have a bridge about two blocks from here I'd like to sell you.
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Unsolicited call at 10:25 am this morning. I push 0 until a female came on to ask if I need my carpet clean.
I then use my whistle to blow into the phone until she tried to hang up the phone.  Get to have fun with this scammer.
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