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They are apparently still at it... I received a call from 800-914-5270 today from Sgt.Kerry Summers and Brian Krotwell stating they were from the US Norcodic unit 38 Division.  He used the whole scare tactic with me and when I told him I was contacting my attorney he told me someone will be at my home to arrest me in 10 minutes and he hung up.  I'm glad this info was posted because these scamers sound believable... until they discuss sending the money immediatelly or else!!!! I hope they catch these scamers soon!!!  And by the way... it's been over an hour and nobody has showed up to arrest me..... lol
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Well, they are still at it.  I have internet phone and can block numbers from calling.  I think Charter Communication sells my number to anyone because since having this new number I receive 3 calls a day from telemarketing scams.  So, I block them.   How these scammers operate, they called my 88 year old parents and left them a threatening message to find me and wants my parents to pay a fine.  Had I not been a paralegal, this would make anyone scared.......but then again, what have I done wrong?   I called the local newspaper to let them know other elderly parents may fall for this believing the scam.  The message on the answering machine for my parents was they have a lawsuit against me and a warrant for my arrest.    Really,  if the DEA wanted you, they would knock on your door with a Warrant.. The Dominican Republic has no laws governing the US or my State.       My only mistake is blocking all sales and telemarketing calls and these people getting my parents phone number.  I guess I need to invest in the Panasonic phone that will allow calls to be blocked for them.  Their AT&T phone is expensive for basic service and call block an additional $30 with only 5 numbers blocked, and the numbers must be local to block.
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Kimberley Bukstein - phone 651-558-6964
Joseph Rosati is agent of the DEA Maryland in Baltimore County assigned to the Harford County Drug Task force.  I am a national Civil Rights Advocate from MN that works on cases all over the nation,  and I am breaking open the scam in Maryland and I am all over JOSEPH ROSATI's  backside.  The scam you describe, where Rosati is making false claims is typical of Rosati's MO, he is a very naughty little law enforcement officer and should not remain on the force to be sure, AND, obviously Joseph Rosati is engaged in NATION-WIDE harassments via telephone against innocent citizens.  I am the voice of WE THE PEOPLE,  and rest assured people, I am all over Joseph Rosati's "hind-view", and the formal complaint against Agent Joseph Rosati will be submitted as early as tomorrow.  Rosati can be prosecuted by the States Attorney of Baltimore County Maryland for his misconduct.   The Baltimore States Attorney ( unlike the Harford States Attorney -Joe Cassilly) appears to be a decent guy.   Holy cow, reading your posts is real an eye opener, and here I thought Rosati was only harassing folks in Maryland....but here we find Rosati is harassing folks as far away and Texas and via telephone....well now, that makes his acts multi jurisdictional.  FYI for a tourism alert , don't go to Maryland, at least for now, and Harford County especially is  a "bad neighborhood" so to speak...but fear not this advocate is working on cleaning it up.  Watch the news kids, because HERE IT COMES!
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Kimberley Bukstein of Minnesota - 651-55
Opps sorry about the Typo my number is 651-558-6864
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Kimberley Bukstein, 651-558-6864
Opps sorry about the Typo my number is 651-558-6864
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