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stop calling me
I have gotten this call 5 times in the past week...it rings I answer they say nothing. stay on the line for a few seconds and hang up. its getting annoying quickly caller id says PIPEONE COMM
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Disgusted with Charter Business
The caller ID said PIPEONE.  It was Charter Business.  The account rep was named Josh and he was extremely rude.  As soon as I told him we were not interested, he became rude.  He wanted to know why we requested a quote if we were not interested.  I told him we did NOT request a quote, I gave out our email address because they would not take no for an answer.  He kept on and on at me.  My last words to him were "good-bye butt-head".  He went to his supervisor and tattled.  She, Mary, called me back with a "can't we all just be civil" call.  I told her that Josh "started it".  If he was going to be rude and juvenile, then so was I.
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My caller ID was Pipestone or something said his name was Mike from Comcast and would like to speak to the person who deals with the Century Link account. UH Comcast and Century Link are two different companies as far as I am aware.  These people call from all different numbers pretty much daily and I normally hang up.
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Same, same get a call every couple days no one is on the line.
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469-206-4423 was the number listed on a fraudulent transaction of my business debit card. The charge was around $40, and the website it went to was flaskplace.com. That site was flagged by my malware as possibly malicious, with intent to steal personal info, which matches my fraud claim.
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