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Just got a call from 469-206-4695. They have called before but this is the first time they have used this number.  It is the Breast Cancer Assistance Fund, AKA Cancer Fund of America.  Since 1984 it has provided less than $900K to assist cancer victims while paying over $80M to the fund raisers and over $17M for overhead, including salaries to its founders. It has been named one of the worst charities in the country.  The young lady who called tried to tell me that over 90% of donations go to the victims but I told she was lying and quoted her the above facts. She politely said that she understood why I don't want to receive on of their "pledge packages" and hung up.
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Another Charity to Benefit Scamsters
Thanks for the heads up on this phony outfit's disgraceful charity rating, BigTex. There should be a special place in h-e-11 for all parasitic slimeballs like this who reap huge profits by exploiting people's suffering & by preying on others' compassion for victims of this disease.

Why doesn't the IRS go after <i>them</i> for a change?
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These crooks have now called me from three different numbers.  The caller I.D. only shows the phone number.  I've never answered.  What a bunch of leeches.  I've blocked the third number and reported the robodial violation, but I expect no help from that end.  We need new, enforceable telecommunication laws or our telephones will be so clogged up with this crap that they will be useless.

BTW, we need a "Call Type" that is appropriate for these scamming scumbags.
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I find some of the remarks posted about these ‘faux telemarketer calls’ amusing.  I put together a software program that has logged over 380 of these annoyance calls since 2012.  Those of you that let the calls roll to your answering machine, voicemail or worse yet answered the call you have just ensured you will get another of these calls.  Maybe not from the same number, but they’ve just identified your number as valid and passed it on.  Most of the initial calls originate from software (aka; ‘robocalls’) – once your number is identified as active, then a person may be there on the follow up calls.  If you have the capability to ‘block’ the number that called – that is the best action.  If you don’t have a blocking option, keep a phone with caller ID close by and simply hit ‘talk’ and ‘off’ simultaneously.  If you really want to block them – there is reasonably priced software that a layman can install.  Of the 380 calls I’ve blocked, only 16 have been in the last 6 months.  So the message is simple – blocking works….
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Just got a call from this number and I don't answer my phone anymore when I don't know who's calling.  I have also turned off my answering machine so these idiots cannot leave a message.  If this is a call for breast cancer,  don't know how much money goes to the people in need.   Feel that most money collected goes to line someone pocketts.  So to solve that problem,  don't give to any charities.
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