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+1 (469) 208-8506 TX, USA
This number can't stop calling me
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Is this number of baytown university, they calling for a scholarship program, i can get a certificate for 15 days. Without doing any school stuff. All i have to do is pay for the amount of $600.
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I love their diplomas. All the fake schools are printing them on 'Charmin' now. It has Sooooooo many uses, but one comes to mind (or thereabouts). Wait till your future employer finds out you have a fake education. There's a great diploma on the back of "Captain Crunch with crunchberries". . . oh wait. . . that's a map to Jean LaFoote's treasure. Send me the $600.00 bucks & I'll get my crayon's out. I'll make you a diploma, but it's tough to stay in the lines when I color.
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And TRY to get a real job with that "diploma".  Doesn't their message sound too good to be true???????
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