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Scam. 702-997-5763 Connected to Richard Edwards calling from 847-239-5300 cell number claiming to be working to serve summons for Andrew Schultz & Associates at 469-209-5774. Law firm name and number doesn't exist.  All three numbers started call activity on 7/10/2016 complaints of scam.
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REAL process servers do not warn you;  It is also illegal to claim to be an attorney if not licensed.  Contact your state attorney general's office,
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Got a call last week from private number process server and gave me 210-951-8201 for andrew shultz associates..just called your number 469-209-5774 also says andrew shultz associates asking for case number and valid phone...its a scam..the process server girl said she was hired by them to serve me papers with a uniformed officer and to have 2 forms id..plus im required to be home between 11-1 to get served..scam
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Criminals masquerading as debt collectors attempt to extort money from people by scaring you into believing that you will be criminally charged (they use the bad check or hot check claim a lot) and go to jail, lose your driver’s license, have wages garnished without actually being sued or going to court, be sued, and a variety of other variations on this, all for an alleged or nonexistent debt.  One of the tricks they use is to call your family, friends, neighbors and/or places of employment (past or present or both) to create panic and embarrassment so that their intended victim calls them and they can scare that person into paying their extortion money.  They will use the words “Mediator”, “Arbitrator”, or “Law Office” to make you believe that they are something other than a debt collector want-a-be and that they don’t have to follow Federal and State collection laws.  They do have to follow those laws, but they won’t.  They mention that they have received a Fax document, to create the sense of urgency.  They also tell you that if you fail to call them back you are "waiving your right to council", which is pretty much nothing but hogwash.  They also use the “process server” ruse who calls and claims he is going to serve you, but then says you could avoid it by calling another number where they will ask for money to “make it go away” (this is actually the same place, they work in teams, one pretending to be the server, and the other usually pretends to be a lawyer).  Process servers do not ever call ahead so that you can dodge them.  Process servers get paid to serve papers, nothing else.

Read up on your rights here and also make a complaint at this government site:  http://www.consumerfinance.gov/

Also file a complaint with your State Attorney General's office.
List of State AG’s offices:   http://800notes.com/faq/attorney-general
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