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Called my work # and said that she was having a bad day, moaning and telling me that she/he was having a bad day, still moaning.. I asked if they meant to call my work and the person said yes, I asked for a name and the person said Cynthia. Then said she/he was coming, that was it I hung up.. they called back 2x more and I didn't pick up, they gave up finally!
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Called my work number on a land line and asked if I would have sex with her/him. When I asked what there name was they said Cindy and then told me they were coming..... Then started breathing heavy I then hung UP and they called back and asked why I hung up. I don't have time for childish games SOME ONE CATCH THOSE SICK-O'S
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Filthy call! Said name is Cindy McCormick
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I got a few phone calls from this number this morning too. A lady definitely, and she was totally getting off, moaning and groaning. Kept telling me how nice I was, and told me she has her pants on, to just give here a minute, then she really starting moaning and gasping, I asked her who she was and she said Sydney. I Hung up and she called me back, then said she wished that I was going down on her, I hung up
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Heavy Breather & rude comments.  Called a business 3 different times, finally blocked only responds when females answer the phones. Claims a female with the name of Cynthia but, sounds more like a male trying to disguise his voice.
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