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Legit. This is the Fidelity Pfizer corporate benefits office, called me regarding some beneficiary documents I sent Fidelity last week. Very helpful and polite representatives
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I was locked out of my account yesterday, and Fidelity was calling back to help me reset my password. Normally easy to do. Didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer and googled it.
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very good experience
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I was unsure of who left a message on my cell phone as well, so I Googled the # and this website was the first entry.

I agree that it is a legit number from Fidelity.  I had a transaction regarding my employee savings plan with them in the last 2 days.  I was not told to expect a call, but it may have been a customer service follow up.  The point being, I don't believe this is a "Report a Scam" site only. It is for finding information about numbers one does not recognize.  Don't get on people for posting helpful information on here.  This thread actually helped me determine it would be OK to answer this call next time.
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This call was really Fidelty Investments.  Long story short, I've been having issues with them regarding an early pension payout (previously I worked for Novartis Corp) and I was given a problem ticket and referred to a different department that they refer to as the "back office".  They called me back from that 603 number.  I thought it was a little odd to get called from what looked like a regular phone number and that coupled with the runaround I've been getting made me suspicious so I looked up the number and came here.   I read all the posts here and called my main fidelty number at 866-602-0406 before writing this post. I had them look up my ticket number and they told me that the back office called me back at 10 am and the information they had in the system matched up to and confirmed that the guy who called me from the 603 number was indeed from Fidelty.  Also, I found out that the "back office" also handles things for other companies, not just Novartis.  If any of you are previous Novartis employees and opted for the early payout then call them back. Your paperwork might not be in order.  If you didn't, I don't know what they are handling for you but it has to do with some investment you have.
I hope this clears it up for some of you.
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