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This company RiaEngjolie, called my office to try to sell me website services I wasn't in the market for, but I told them they could email me information. Since then, instead of calling my office or emailing anything, they somehow got my private cell number (which I did not give them and do not give out as part of my business) and have been calling and leaving increasingly harassing messages. I will not buy anything from them ever because I feel like this is an invasion of my privacy. If they wanted to do business with me, they should have remained professional and gone through my business instead of sleuthing out a number I didn't want them calling and then calling me on my private phone outside business hours - last one was at 6:00 a.m. No, I'm not making that up. If they call you, don't take the call.
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This Monmouth Junction phone number must be a scam because they are constantly calling me, every single day.
When I ansiwer them, I just hang up or give them some vulgarity pretty strong as I did roday and they kept laughing at me.

Sorry, I am not a nicer person.
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Ridiculous [***] spammer on my PHONE. Good thing do not call lists were invented. [***] CRACKER BITCHFUCKS!!

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Called twice today. First time it was silence then hung up. Second time, a brief musical excerpt, then hung up.
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They do not provide their real name.  They were rude and would not take no for an answer.
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