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This guy try's all the time. Twice this past week as David Rockefeller from Camden NJ. When I have time I politely take his order but make him repeat all his information ten times until he is ready to explode. He wants it shipped UPS overnight. He then asks me to run his card while he waits. I put him on hold for ten minutes and then tell him it's been declined but I will call Merchant Services for him. He get's so pissed he starts cursing and we put him on speaker phone and laugh. I give him credit he still will try again but it's too much fun to resist.
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Also had this guy look for Cat Parts
Absolute Fraud
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Received a fax and phone call from 'DavidRockefeller' with MasterTech Services, Camden, NJ. Wanted to order NEW injectors 350-7555 and 276-8307. Gave stolen credit card and wanted the parts shipped to Saudi Arabia - uhh, no I don't think so!!!! Gave phone number 832-937-6661 anf fax 888-336-7112, email: [email protected] AVOID THIS CUSTOMER - ABSOLUTE FRAUD!!!!
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Custom stating his name as James Storer from MasterTech Services called and requested to email 2 caterpillar #s 276-8307 & 387-9432 for price and avail. We emailed customer back with $ and avail also stating that due to his location and cost of transaction we would not be able to accept c/card over phone. We would need to do an electronic fund transfer. Customer hung up. Then I searched his phone # 614-500-3114 and fax # 888-336-7112 and ended up here on this forum. Needless to say.. Please DO NOT fall for this SCAM!!! Thank you ALL who have reported this
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Phone # 614-500-3114 fax # 888-336-7112 ( myfax) Now calling himself Paul Moscoe. Wants Detroit Diesel 2 cycle injectors.
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