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why you call me?
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Hold on a sec
I kept receiving a phone call from this number.  Caller ID says California.
The number repeatedly called, I finally answered.
It was a customer.  He stated he was "out of the COUNTRY"
Didn't tell me where he was, but carried a conversation "as normal"
This has to be a "SCAM" number, because when I tried to call it back to see who it was,
The recording says "The number you have dialed has been associated with Fraudulent activities and is no longer in service."
I assume the number is "outgoing" calls "ONLY"
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caller id showed live:awanishmehta_2   i have never seen  'live:'  what does that mean?
let it go to voice mail , they left no message.
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"Hello, this is... from the "Vindows" technical depart..."
"(Sigh)...Windows technical department."
"Yes; you have made report. March over to your computer and check the errors and 'varnings.' Today, your new best friend,..., is here to magically save your computer."
"Our computers are fine."

Similar scammers have taken me on the same ride before and have attempted to snowball my grandmother three times (they've gotten her twice).
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Called but I didn't answer. Almost wish I had, some people are saying the caller had an Indian accent. Love prank calling indians!
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