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Tinfoil hat is too tight!
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Suzanne  Mills
I recently received a call from this number that I qualified for a government grant of $9000,with code #BK719.
Only to find out that they wanted me  to PAY $200 for a money gram, from my local Walmart!!! Little does EVERYONE IN THE WORLD know,that ALL of our system IS BUGGED!
Not one phone,or computer or home that isn't infected!!
PLAYING 'GOD' & we can be sure that their judgment is
Coming SOON!!!!
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Received a call with Id # and Grant Code. according to the caller I have to call back to get a money gram . I didn't call. the person calling identified herself as U.S. Government. The phone number given was 1-718-303-2669
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Just got the same call with the money approval ID JA191...told me to call his supervisor in 10 mins....718-303-2669

I am not calling the number, so tired of these calls!
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