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RSB - call from Joy Miller
Same experience as others. Got vmail at office from a seductive female voice "Joy Miller" following up on a conversation "from last week". Called and got "Bob" and found out he's a recruiter. I'm a financial advisor so he's beating the bushes (and his pud) looking to get someone interested in switching firms. Very shady. The seductive female voice is probably his gal, or voice-altering software and it's just BOB!!!
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"Bob Michaels" called our office asking who all had their series 7 license, names of all the reps, where the reps were located and wanted to speak with a senior advisor. None of them were available at the time. He gave me his number to have one of them call back 781-595-0524. I did some research and found that the number belongs to Eugenia Mishkin and Robert S. Mishkin from Swampscott, MA.
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Call from 781-595-0524 Private Caller.  Bob Williams said he was following up on a call from a couple of weeks ago.  He wanted to talk to my boss using a typical nickname for my boss first name. That is my red flag because he does not use that name. I asked what this is in regard to and he said he is an Individual Investor.
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It is a scam
Called for the boss, she said he would know where she is calling from.
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B. Trib
Left message on Voice Mail - SHE said her name was Joy Miller,  "just following up from last week".  Name didn't sound familiar  - so did a phone # search.  Weird.
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