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Someone named Priscilla called claiming to be from(my sister's) a generic name security company and that her phone number was disconnected and to please forward her a message. My sister has 9 dogs and more weapons than that so I chuckled when my Youmail.com labeled the Company "Safe Home Scumbags", LOL. And she lives in AZ and I dont believe that anyone in their right mind would travel there, let alone from Connetiut.
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This number is used by Safe Home Security. They are a real company but are totally obnoxious! We made the mistake of taking out a security contract with them. We never used the system and the only time an alarm went off was when our system was not active. About the time our contract was finally over we were hounded by their call center saying we needed to renew our contract. It was hell trying to get the point across that we were done and not renewing our contract. I ended up having to almost threaten the management to just stop the calls. I finally had to power down our security panel myself (I had worked for ADT and knew how to do this). This was in 2017. My daughter, owner of the house, got a strange thing on her credit report saying she had missed her payments to SHS for several months in 2018! This is over a year later. We had to go through all kinds of ridiculous conversations, threaten them with defamation of character suits, etc. One idiot manager there told us it wasn't unusual for it to take a year or more to actually process cancellations. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They are total idiots.
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I Googled the Number
Left a message claims to be Safe Home Security but  it's not showing up as a number on the google search as an alarm company or business with that name? Think it's a scammer trying to use a business name of an alarm company?
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please stop call my nuber
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