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Destroy the scammers' business model. They count on only the suckers staying on to speak with a real person. A machine has zero marginal cost for them. Your objective should be to get a real person on the line, and keep him/her there. Strike gold when a supervisor is pulled in to try to close your deal. Those real persons have to be compensated in some way for their time. The "supervisor" probably has a piece of the action. STRING THEM ALONG!!! Don't give them any real information about yourself, but tell them any lie you think will keep them on the line - they certainly do not deserve your honesty. How good of an actor can you be? Amuse yourself, and smile when they finally curse you and disconnect! And do feel free to pass this along. The more call recipients behave this way, the fewer calls there will be.
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Not falling for a scam
Woman with accent called and asked for Mrs._. Told her that was me. She said it's been a long time since we spoke. I asked who she was. Then she asked for my husband by name. I asked again who she was. She replied, "Girl! I am his ex-girlfriend."  Total lie.
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Machine picked up, no answer
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Called, left no message
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Called and left no message
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