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It doesn't seem to matter whether you answer or not. We've blocked calls, and left others unanswered, for over a year, and we still get 5-6 telemarketer calls every day! And, no, I've never bought anything, donated to anything, or said "yes" to anything over the phone. Most of our calls seem to be robo-calls, so eventually your phone number will come up.
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Prolife voice recording on my VM
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I received this call while I was shopping in a store.  I could barely understand her. I thought it was a friend of mine since the numbers were similar and I didn't look at it too clearly.  She said it was something about being a Pro-Life group.  I told her I could barely understand her and it wasn't a good time to talk.  She insisted that she would only be a few minutes.  She kept talking even though at that point, I couldn't understand anything she said.  I simply hung up and they have never called back.  I will remember that number for sure now.
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PLC NPAC is a scam pro-life organization that pockets 99% of all the funds it raises. http://fusion.net/story/335698/national-campaign-pro-life-committee-pac-scam/
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Rock on Brother. I Never Never Never, ever answer the phone unless I know exactly who it is. We live in an arrogant nation where people think nothing of intruding on your privacy. I pay for the phone so the hell with them.
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