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Centralia WA
Fraudulent charge for 94.95 by this merchant: FILE KEEPER SERVER 786-592-9303 FL
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Monica Schwieterman
I too have 2 unauthorized charges from Vision Point, for $114 and $90.  My CU said they were a secure company.  Need to go back to CU.
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This happened to me...one charge of $111.95 and two of $90.95... All on the same day! Both were Vision Point and File Keeper Server... I wish these crooks would be caught!
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My credit card company just called me - exact same two charges. Card now cancelled
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I meant *whether.
>> 1.  The chipped cards can be used online ... and how the bleep will a chip protect the real cardholder or the card company in that case? <<
That's my whole point about the new chipped cards.
>> 2.  The card companies LOSE money whenever they have to refund a customer.  Why the bleep do you think they make money in those cases? <<
The credit card companies (VISA, MC, DC and AMEX) get a percentage of everything that gets done with card.  Purchase, return or charge-back ..it's all in the fee's that get added on from the issuing bank.  But, if the issuing bank can't recoup the loss from the merchant , then it's the issuing bank that take the losses.
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