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Identified themselves as "Mr Lee"
Mr Lee wanted to book recording studio services for his five 'artists' which he identified as his "Twins, Daughter & Nephew" (that sounds like 4 people to me but it's a scam so who cares about details, right)?
He wanted to pay by credit card and wanted 20 hours of studio time ($1100) but also wanted to pay to have them delivered by limousine when I told him (only via text message) that you don't do a 20 hour session in one day. So after pressing him for a day he chooses Thanksgiving week! Idiots... I don't know what the actual scam is here but nothing about any of this is like a normal session so based on what I read here, I told him I was onto him as a scam and blocked his number.
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Mr. Lee
He only likes to text message. Says he wants to buy services for his four daughters (total amount of services is $1440). Do not fall for this!
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No Dice
Same story, three daughters wanting services and wants me to set up a merchant account with clover to do the transaction
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I received the same text message and phone call from 323-250-2347 from a Mr. Lee with the exact same story about his 3 daughters. He called twice at 6am and woke me up today. Blocked the number
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Received many texts over a couple days, trying to purchase 6 colonics for each daughter, 18, 19, 21 I believe. Posted it on my professional global facebook page and others had exact same script and then one therapist said he told her the car service he wants to hire doesn’t take CC and if you would be kind enough to put the 2600.00 through your company credit card for the service and he will give you 100 for your trouble.
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11 Oct 2018  
Same story here too! - Mr. Lee.
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