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I was using ROKU on a there TV and was setting up Amazon Prime. A message on the screen came up with a Passcode to put in on my phone which I did and then it redirected me to the 3237397071 to text. I texted this number and I got a text back giving me a schedule of prices for more than two Amazon Prime. and to call with a credit card. Keeping in mind I thought I was talking to an Amazon Rep...I did give out my credit card number. Then he got rude telling me the card was invalid. I asked to speak to the manager and he hung up...That's when I realized I had been scammed. Call Amazon and the CC to report the incident and cancel the card. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT REDIRECTED FROM MY ROKU/AMAZON PRIME. Buyers beware!!!!
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You notice that all of the posters who have claimed that they received a loan, and that this is a "real" company, consistently mispell common english words???  I would bet it is because it is the same person, and not American !!!  The sites Admin is "right on" with his/her judgement of these replies!
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revolving name like yours
In response to Harry....  
Are you sure your name isn't "Eric Olsen", or no, maybe it is "Marty Dawson"  I admit, I had "sucker" written on my forehead when you were able to rip me off.  One thing I don't do is lie!  If I did get a loan.... give me the details, or maybe you don't want to publish YOUR bank acct infor?  
Just remember, "what comes around, goes around"
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When you walk into a Western Union office they hand you the little multi-page form to fill out. On the front page in BIG black letters they tell you what to NOT to use Western Union for. Here is the short version: Anything, ANYTHING other than money to family & friends (real ones, not the ones you met on the internet) Be it GreenDot, MoneyPak, ANY wire transfer that involves CASH, if you are using it for a loan, prize, gift from a stranger, buying off the internet, a love that you met on the internet, who has a "problem", but it's nothing sending a few bucks can't fix - It's a SCAM! Period. These are ALL classic Nigerian advance fee scams.
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Aguanga Cowboy
Ok, I've never heard about "Cash Advance America", I've heard of "Advanced America" which is in fact a Payday loan.

Some of the comments I've seen about short term loans, once again credit scores have nothing to do with this.

It is as Elspeth (and others have said several times) "It is illegal in the US to ask someone to pay an upfront fee, taxes, installment, insurance, etc."

If you people want to pay those upfront fees to get $3,000.00 by giving them your ROUTING NUMBER, be my guess, and you'll deserve what ever happens to your bank acount.
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