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Who is this???? Stop calling!!
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Think debt collector for someone else.  Cannot get rid of caller.  Will try again to block.  Ugh.
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Harassed in Florida
This number calls everyday between 7:30PM and 8:40PM. Caller ID identifies the number as "Florida Call" . When Answering system picks up, they don't leave a message. When calling them back (using *67 of course) they Identify themselves as CPC and request your number with area code to know who you are.
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Marla Renee
CPC did not leave a message, but I had a feeling i knew who they were calling for. I called back and the gentleman answered CPC. When I asked why they were calling, he told me the name of the individual they were calling for; it was not me. I am the proud inheritor of a phone number that a couple relinquished because they are in debt. I am not in debt. I get calls from all kinds of debt collectors for this couple. I was able to get the new number for them from one of the creditors, so I gave it to CPC. I asked the gentleman to remove my number from their records, so only time will tell if they do providing they can get in touch with this couple.
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Todd Roberts
Received a call from (386)206-1220, the guy was threatning and cursing at me and got extremly upset that I would not give him my SSN.  I kept asking what the call was in regards to and he would not tell me.  He continued to threaten me the said that I would be sorry and hung up!  So I called the number back and spoke to a different gentleman that again wanted me to confirm my SSN.  I refused and he said then I can't discuss anything with you and hung up!  Don't answer calls from this number.
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