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1 855 283 4575 is the number I get, sometimes it's "Withheld Number". Same guy answers, sounds like he's in a house. Heard children once before, and they answer the phone silently for me. He uses 2 different names from what I remember, and very seldom there's a female voice.

They've contacted me a couple years ago telling my I was OVERPAYED on a paycheck from DELTA AIRLINES. I wasn't about to give some John Doe with an extremely discredited company name anything, and his "alias" was plastered on almost every link that came up in google search saying the same thing about him/them.

They're very unprofessional, rude, and they hang up on you when you ask to speak to a manager or supervisor.
I've recently began getting calls again, and it's the same attitude, same guy, but a totally different story. This time it's about my DCU checking account and some bounced electronic checking payment (which unless charged credit your "internet" purchase wont go through and even sometimes credit too (it's a checking card)).... I've never had an E-mail, letter, or anything tell me this, so how did it jump to some John Doe with a shoddy number, and company name?

Contact the point of reference before you tell them anything. I know this one is fraud on my account.
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Had a message on answering machine from a Tom Murphy claiming to be a process server in Broward County and that my name and SS number appear in a pending lawsuit. The number on the caller ID was 386-206-1220 and said CPS. Mr. Murphy said that to stop the lawsuit I should call 855-283-4575. The 386 number is out of Palm Coast, FL and I search of the 855 came up empty. I did a search of the 386 number and found these complaints. Sounds like they are violating the FDCPA as far as I am concerned.
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Liam A
They called again.  I added them to the block list...unfortunately, that means I had to unblock one of the portfolio recovery numbers.  Grrr.
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Gerry Lipor
Called twice....claimed looking for someone else...very rude when I asked what call was about call & this seemed strange....he was sarcastic asking I had never received a call from someone who dialed a wrong number.  He would take us off the list.
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frustrated call recipient
this number phoned me asking for someone who has never lived at this number since I got it 3 years ago and when I told them to please take my number off my call list the lady had the nerve to tell me that I was being rude to her and hung up.
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