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Received 5-7 calls a day from this number,asking for different people from the company. they were asked to remove us from the call list.

caller always claims that this is the first time they called.

nextmarketing is the number that shows on caller ID
IT world canada is the company when you call the number back
the callers claim to be from Microsoft.
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Received call from someone saying they are from IT World Canada. They actually have been constantly calling my work for the past week, my colleague would try to put them through to my voicemail as I know it is a scam. I finally decided to talk to them today and like last year, these ppl want to send me a report through my email they have?! like ok... he said he got the info from my supervisor in the US.... I am not in the US lol I told the guy to remove me from their list and stop calling, which I did when they call last year claiming to be calling on behalf of Symantech - name of company in the email was Candorworks, in Pune.
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Rosie's kid again
Note to Helen Edwards who posted on January 19th:  "Foreign accent" does not necessarily mean caller is "foreign".  What is your definition of foreign, Helen?  People do not have to lose their accents to become citizens.  Maybe your first ancestor in this country had a Welsh accent.  Foreign!
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Rosie's Kid
Something about somebody in Mexico has access to our computer.  Hard to understand Indian accent. This occurred the 3rd week in Feb. 2015. I asked him to please remove our number from their listings or to put us on the "do not call" list.  He agreed, but I have my doubts.  We have had this type of call before.
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I received a call from the same number on February 19, 2015 at 1 pm.  The caller was a man with a heavy East Indian accent who claimed he was from Domain Services and calling about a complaint received concerning spam messages being sent from my computer.  I receive several such phone calls over the months but this caller had my name.  When he went on about this complaint I simply said "But I don't have a computer" and he suddenly announced "Oh my God I must disconnect this computer now."  This struck me as an odd twist to the usual scamster.  As with previous calls from scammers, I have simply added them to the "blocked caller" list (enter *60 then #01# ) and then followed up with the internet check of the number.  Very grateful that such a website exists.
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