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Received call from: (416) 290-0240 on February 19, 2015 at 11:13 a.m.
Trust me on this, these are scam artists. I receive them continually. The only reason I answered is because I am expecting an important call from an unknown number. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? If you see this number, don’t pick up the phone unless you feel like being harassed and conned. They will start building a profile on you if you choose to engage in a conversation. Then they will pass your number on to other harassers. Plain and simple!
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Michael H
These people called me and said they were from Domain Name Services and took me to www.dnsdepartment.ca.org This website led to something concerning Cocaine. As soon as I saw that I told the people on the other line to (expletive deleted) Off and never call me again. The person on the other side just laughed and hung up.
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Just received a call from this number.  Due to the male caller's heavy accent, it was very difficult to understand what he was saying other than ... calling because due to the volume of spam emails my computer has been sending emails for the past few weeks ... I said "Whatever" & hung up.  Checked the phone number that showed on my phone and found this site.  Thank you.  LP
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Got the same claim that the caller was from  Public Safety Canada and that I had some "domain" problems.  I asked him who was the minister in Ottawa for this department and he couldn't tell me. What government worker doesn't know his minister's name?    He also said he was working with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). I looked this up while I was on the phone and told him this was an American government agency - not Canadian.  They must take us for idiots.  He also phoned me during a statutory holiday in Alberta.  A real govt. worker would have known this.  The number had a Toronto area code, not  an Ottawa code.
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Just received a call from this number , informing me that someone was using my "computer licence number" from Mexico. I quizzed him on who he was and the Company name. He kept telling me he was from the Cyber fraud Dept of ITCU.  He had a strong Indian accent so I told him I was hard of hearing and could he explain it again slowly. He then asked me to press the Windows Key & R on my keyboard. I asked him to call back in an hour as I was very busy at the moment.
Checked on-line and found all this good info on this website.
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