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reports against 4252121560
The majority indicated that it is a Other

Who called from 4252121560

These people call off a bunch of different numbers. Claiming to be several different business.
They claim also to be take two holdings or take two LLC
LOSERS!! look up all the numbers they are being reported the same way
AND FYI real debt collectors arent gonna comment on sites like these or harrass like the stupid [***] do
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you authorized a bad check to sears for $157.97

You know said on a recorded line that you know who wrote the check but didn't file fraud charges.

By choosing not to file charges against him you have allowed him to write checks on your account and are responsible for them.
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Check with the State of Washington business licensing service for New Leaf Solutions LLC here http://bls.dor.wa.gov/LicenseSearch/   You will find that 603250930 is a valid UBI number and you will also find links to the Department of Revenue http://dor.wa.gov/content/doingbusiness/registermybusiness/brd/  and the Secretary of State http://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search_detail.aspx?ubi=603250930

I'm not sure what website said the address is a house but if you check maps.google.com you can see a pic of the building at 1912 Everett Ave, Everett, Wa 98201
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Joe Thornton
This area of Washington State seems to breed these scumbags (Snohomish County). Are they all related? I plan on filing a complaint with the WA Licensing Bureau as they probably are not licensed and sending a complaint to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office and my State's DA.
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Mary Borton
They tried calling me today about a check that I supposedly had wrote.  He was demanding for me to pay but could not show me prove that this check was done by me.  All he could do is yell.  I'm going to my locate police department.
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(425) 212-1560  +1 425-212-1560  4252121560  +14252121560