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it sounds like a machine and its an indian guy!!!! and calls sunday and all times of night!!!
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These people called our business at 1136 hrs today.  The caller ID said "VERIFICATION FR".  I heard one soft electronic beep and then the dead air of an abandoned call.  I blocked my # with *67 and called the number back on my personal phone but immediately got a busy signal.  Our company doesn't subscribe to any newspapers, nor did we switch any services (and we have a freeze on our phones so they can't slam us) so this was either a wrong number, an annoying abandoned call for a telemarketer, or a scam.
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Hattie O'Neal
I do not know who these people are.  Never heard of a company called, verification FR. I need for these call to stop.  U8Y8
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Lisa M
It is a newspaper subscription service. I subscribe to the local paper (not the SF Chronicle) and have allowed my subscription to lapse. They wanted to know if I would renew over the phone. Not a scam.
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If it's the SF Chronicle, that would make sense to me - I just recently subscribed for Sundays...but why no one responds and the call just ends, I don't understand...what are they verifying? whether or not it's a real ph # and not a "not in service" #...if so, then why the repeat calling?
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