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I received a suspicious call from this number at work. I went online to look up information on this number and I found comments from other people who also received the same call and message from this number. They said they were a law firm and needed to return their call as soon as possible.
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Its a scam do not send any money to anyone who and claims they are from law firm or attorney generals office.  There is no way in hell they are going to take you jail, and it takes months before they start to garnish your wages.  First you need to be served papers from the court.  So if non of this has happened DON'T WORRY.  Just DON'T SEND ANY MONEY, ESPECIALLY ON A CASH CARD. Please check all suspicious phone numbers on google.
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This is a scam...trying to get money for nothing.  Threatening said i would be in deep trouble with the law if i refused to call back.  Last remark (in broken..hard to understand english.)  "if you don't respond to this call then whatever happens...good luck!"  So what old gangster movies has he been watching!!! It's rediculous...and needs to be stopped.
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I just got the same threatening call. Dumb [***] said I borrowed 5000 dollars and did t pay it back and they were suing me.  I told the foreign as shine to bing it on.  Scam alert.
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i just got the same call they claim to be a law firm and that they had crimanal charges against me but wont sent any paper work even call my place of employment
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