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I have a Pure Romance Business and I received an email from a Christina Morgan wanting to make an order with me. The order was $332. She asked if I would accept payment via money order or cashier's check as somebody had recently used her debit card and didn't want it to happen again. She said she was ordering stuff for her daughter for her upcoming wedding. When I sent a invoice she claimed the payment would be in the mail asap. I emailed her after a week in a half to check about the payment as I am trying to run a business. She claimed her dad had died and she was in the hospital after being in a car accident. She said her debtor sent me payment but instead of sending me just what she owed me, the debtor sent all the money they supposed owed Christina. She was worried about her money. She wanted me to deposit into my account and after it cleared send her everything except what she owed. Today I received two fake money orders for $1000.00 a piece. I found out they were fake because of the details of her email this morning made me curious. I just informed this person that I turned their money orders over to the police and notified the United States Postal Service as they were fake Postal Money Orders.
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This happened to me as well from the same number sent me a check and I deposited it and withdrew the next day and then a week later my account was overdrawn $2,700
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Same exact thing she wanted to order candles for her daughters wedding and sent me a check of 1760 and her order was only 250 !!!
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This person is texting and emailing me about ordering Gold Canyon candles from me for her daughter's wedding. She claimed to be Christina Morgan and that she is in the navy at amphibious lpd-17. She said she is hard of hearing otherwise she would call. She texted this past weekend that her brother and his wife were killed in a car accident and in her saddened state she communicated incorrectly to her financier how to send me the money order. So now I'm to expect a check for the candles and wedding planner's money and she asked that I deposit the whole check and send the difference to the wedding planner. I'm not depositing anything and I'm sending the check back. Scam scam scam!!! Do not fall for this and deposit because then you're liable for their cancelled check!!
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i talked to a Kara George ,from Care.org and she wants me to help her with dogs becase they are moving back here , never stated where "here" was/is. wants to send me check for $2100 to cash keep $350 and give delivery guy at their pace the money! Sounds fishy to me.. Who would trust someone to give them that kind of money with no worries?
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