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469-757-8869.  I'm getting the same calls.  They ask for me and when I say it's me they hang up.  I would like to add this though.  If you're wondering how they are getting your phone number it's possible that it could come through Linkedin.  The reason why is that I've accepted invitations to join on Linkedin.  I think when this happens your information (mine included) is being sent to some kind of debit skip tracer.  This starting happening about a week after I became a member.
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Jefferson in Rochester NY
Called my work phone for a person who used to work here, "Is  . . . . there?"  I asked who they were and what the call was about. In accent making his reply hard to understand, "I'm assistant to (name I couldn't make out)." I replied, " . . . doesn't work here any more." He hung up. Sounds like a scam.
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Called my cell #, looking for person X - an Indian woman, clear accent, speaking English well - said she was calling from office Jesse Rizzuto - I said X person was not avail, asked if can I have more info and nature of business - said she was calling from VIA - asked for more - would not provide - said - she would talk to "Jesse" and call me back. Scam BS.
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no msg left. they keep calling me from various numbers including this one. blacklisted. toronto
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Same as everyone else, call from 4697578869, has vague information but accurate enough.
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