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Debt Collector
This is a debt skip tracer, using illegal tactics. Report them

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Report them
Report this number to the FTC, they need various complains to investigate them is what they told me.

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Thanks everyone for posting this. I saw a missed call, tried to call it back only to get a busy signal so I searched the number and found your current posts. Grateful. Crossing it off my list.
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This number called my office today asking for our CEO by name. The guy had a very thick Indian accent and said his name was Tim Johnson and he was calling on behalf of Heather Brown. I put him on hold to check the number (I do this with most numbers since the calls that usually come through me are sales calls and I screen them out). He was on hold for about 15 seconds, then hung up.
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A woman asked for one of our managers, claiming to be phoning on behalf of her boss.  I asked what in reference to, but she had no idea, only that she was to connect our manager with her supervisor.  When I said that we don't transfer calls without knowing the purpose, she said (in a rather gosh-golly-geewhiz manner), "Oh well, I don't know, I'll have to find out and get back to you.  Thank you, darlin,'" and hung up.  As I've noted on threads for other annoyance calls of this type, she won't return.
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