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I got a call from a company in Dallas Texas area that claimed I owed a debt and they were going to prosecute me and I cant locate the company on the net.  They said their company was called Legal research group and the number was 469-789-7020. They then sent me an email with a Demand Letter attached, but it had a PO Box on it and the address was in Dallas, Texas and not in Grand Prairie where the phone number was located. He said I could send them a certified check or they would have me arrested in my home state.

They disclosed this information to my brother and to my wife.
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Maybe you should pay your bills? Not to mention Grand Prairie is part of Dallas. I just called them to get some information about their company. They are not listed on the net because it is a private legal firm. How do you know these people are a collection company?
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Called for someone who does not live here.  Left a message stating that I was listed as an emergency contact for this person and to call 469-789-7070 IMMEDIATELY.  I didn't return the call since I suspect spam.
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In the first place, if they were a real legal firm, they should know that it is illegal to disclose that kind of information over the phone to anyone but the intended recipient. It has nothing to do with not paying your bills, I got the same call about my son that lives up in Idaho, and I know damn well that he didn't have any outstanding debt. Of course you are probably associated with the scam or you wouldn't be listed as anonymous. Do a little research and google the number, it has scam written all over it.
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I just got the same type of call and the bill has been paid. how can people do this and what rights do we have to stop the BS.
469-789-7020 is the number that came up on my ID
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