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did not know #-did not answer-CID read BCBS Ma.
If I needed to speak with them, I would have called them.
That is not their number anyway.
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This is BCBS MA with a survey because I called them today to ask a question.
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Hey all,

The reason you received a call from this number was due to an attempt at a customer satisfaction survey from SQM Group. SQM Group is a customer service research firm that organizations use to contract out customer satisfaction surveys to. If you would prefer that SQM Group does not call you in the future for any other client we may deal with (over 400+ clients at any given time), you can submit your number to our Do Not Survey list at https://www.sqmgroup.com/do-not-contact/
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Irritated & Annoyed
I hope the information above is correct and this really is SQM Group calling because, yes, I did talk to BCBS of MA yesterday. I followed the prompts to take myself off the calling list. Here's hoping I didn't just confirm my phone number for a scammer. Caller ID said BCBS MA.

Like seriously, I don't need a follow up phone call every time I talk to customer service! But on rare occasions I've asked for one for Comcast and ripped somebody a new one over crappy service and sometimes get a discount for my trouble.
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Steve in MA
Caller ID says "BCBS MA".  I take the call.  It is an automated survey.  I had called Blue Cross earlier in the day.  This was a survey about my experience.

At one point they ask if they can share the results with Blue Cross; this seems to back up another poster's claim that it is a 3rd party doing the survey for Blue Cross.
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