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636-332-5105 Wentzville police dept. # robert major. REPORT CALL
they are legal, but only because of a loophole they exploit by donating 2% of what they
reap to some charity. They are not actually located in Missouri at all, although the
number 636-327-4442 is located outside St. Louis. The only way to stop them is state
by state to close the loophole allowing them to solicit as a charity if they donate
only as little as 2% of their take. Contact your states attorney general to close this
loophole! and stop these predators!
104 E Main St Wentzville, MO 63385
500 West Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65801
877-300-3504, 866-288-8879, 866-785-0505, 866-243-0573, 800-650-3839
JAK Productions
The Colorado Police Protective Association
770-956-7025  720-744-7365 770 690-8489
Skip Stogsdill at [email protected] or call 800.320.2772.
The CPPA's Colorado registration # is 20023004090
JAK Production's Colorado registration # is 20023003576

From phone listings:
JAK Productions Inc
4501 Circle 75 Parkway Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30303
(770) 612-1386

If you would like your telephone number removed from the calling list please contact the
CPPA office either by telephone or email at 800.320.2772 or [email protected] and leave the
entire telephone number to include area code that you want removed. It takes five business
days to process your request.

Under their Telemarketing Sales Rule, solicitors calling for charities are required to honor
potential donors' requests to be put on their in-house do not call lists. Failure to do
so is a prosecutable offense. I suspect that failure to provide consumers with the
opportunity to ask to be put on such a list would also be an offense, since the law
that created the National Do Not Call Registry covers harrassing hang-up calls (call
abandonment). The FTC's Web site also has a link for filing complaints at www.ftc.gov.


Fraternal Order of Polilce

DyTel Inc. 1284 Meadowview Lane, Suite E, Pelham Al 35124 (205) 644-9499(corporate Office)


http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories ... 9E?OpenDocument

Nixon sues California police charity
By Bill Smith

A California police charity that says it helps the families of police officers killed in the line of duty has repeatedly
used "harassing and intimidating tactics" to defraud Missouri donors, Attorney General Jay Nixon said Tuesday.

In a lawsuit filed in St. Louis Circuit Court, Nixon accuses telemarketers of Police Protective Fund of bullying
Missourians, especially the elderly, into giving to the charity.

The suit says the charity took in more than $5.9 million nationally in donations last year, with just a total of $37,000
going to the families of deceased officers. Of the $5.9 million, $3.7 million went to pay the expenses of professional
fundraisers. Much of the rest of the charity's income went to pay salaries, payroll taxes, rent and a variety of other

Police Protective Fund, based in Hollywood, was founded by Phil LeConte and David Dierks, who met while both were students
at the University of Illinois.

Also named in the suit is the American Association of Police Officers, which Nixon says is the administrative charity
for Police Protective Fund and receives management fees from charitable donations raised by Police Protective Fund.

The suit accuses Police Protective Fund of violating Missouri consumer protection laws. It says that potential donors
solicited by phone are not told that benefits to officers' families are capped at a total of $40,000 a year.

The suit says that the attorney general's office has received complaints from the public, alleging that telemarketers
for the charity have been belligerent and rude and "would not take 'no' for an answer, even when consumers said they were

Some said the callers told them that unless they contributed, "you may call the police one day and they won't respond."

The suit asks that the court stop the charity from making fraudulent solicitations, that the charity be forced to make
full restitution to all consumers who have been defrauded and that the charity pay several other fines and penalties.

"Abusive telemarketing calls will not be tolerated in Missouri," Nixon said.

Records from 2005 list LeConte as a director and executive officer of Police Protective Fund with a salary of $112,652.

Police Protective Fund and related groups such as the American Association of Police Officers and the Junior Police
Academy have been the focus of legal action in several states.

A call to the offices of the three organizations was not returned Tuesday.

JAK Productions Inc operate out of Parkersburg West Virginia. They are using 800-931-9744 now. You can call them at
304-422-9363 or 9360. The call center managers name is Paul Susie, the daytime supervisor is Jeff Matenly and the evening
supervisor is Paul Susie. Get even, start calling them. I hope to get their home phone number soon, so they can get a
taste of their own medicine. Say hi to Terra the receptionist when you call. Oh, I almost forgot, they all work for JAK
Productions, 4501 Circle 75 Parkway, STE E5280, Atlanta GA 30339-3025, and their federal employee number is 531597985.
The head cheese is John Aberham Keller.
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Thanks for this posting. I received a call from them last week and said I would contribute if I discovered that they were legit. A few days later I received a donation envelope in the mail. I just checked my caller id to make sure, sure enough 636-327-4442. Guess I'll just wait for a well advertised local program that benifits the police.
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Received a call today 8/27 at 9PM from the 636-327-4442.  Daughter answsered the phone and received no response.  We are on the no call list as well, so this is annoying.
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I received a call from this number.  Since I live in this area code, I answered it.  The sound I heard was like a collect call connecting.  Clicking and soft beeps and such.  I redialed it, but got an error connecting.

My sister lives in the same city as the address on reverse phone directory, so I'm considering having my brother-in-law going and knocking on their door.
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I have been receiving daily phone calls from 636-327-4442.  When I answer the phone they do not talk.  So, I called the number back and left a msg for them asking them to not call me again. However, they continue to call.  They claim to be collecting money for the Faternal Order of Police.  I actually donated money to them in the past...very stupid decision!!  I will NEVER donate money to them again!!!!  I feel like they are harassing me be calling every day!!
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