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Allen from AAA called, caller ID 636.754.3150, he wanted to help me renew because my membership expired 3 months ago. I almost agreed but asked him to tell me my information to prove it wasn't a scam. He gave me back an old address and an incomplete member #. I didn't trust him, said I would call him back, he said he was waiting for me to call him back so he could go to lunch, his callback number was different 866.821.2846 ext 5832. I had a bad feeling. I called the AAA renewal number on the back of my card and told them all of this. They took both phone numbers, put me on hold and checked it out.  They confirmed that Allen worked for their "Retention Center"  which is an outsource group for AAA. He was legit, sorry Allen.
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It's a scam ... READ message below.  AAA VALID # 1-800-222-4357
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This "AAA Renewal Center" call from 252-519-7034 is a false caller ID call from AAA Client Services Membership Renewal.  While the 252 # showed up on caller ID.  Message states you should call back "Mary" at 1-866-277-5515.  You are then connect to someone trying to secure your credit card for fees for a free trip to the Carribbean.  

252 is the area code from:  
City: Roanoke Rapids
State: NC
County: Halifax
Timezone: Eastern
Current time: 10:08am
Carrier: Carolina Tel And Tel Co., Llc Dba Centurylink
Type: Landline

Client Services will also call from 636-947-2321, their main number.
When they call tell them they have the wrong number, no one here by that name. This is a new phone number I just got yesterday. End of calls! Deceptive and illegal to use a false caller ID!
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This isn't a scam. They just called me a few minutes ago to renew (I do have a AAA account). I gave my information, something I don't typically do easily. The service rep on the line read my AAA account number to me over the phone to confirm they were real.
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Got a call from 636-754-3150 and got the call back number 1866-821-2846. AAA asking for renewing my membership. I don't think it is a scam.
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