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They just called asked me if this is so and so and I said yes then they hung up. Got what they wanted I guess.
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Called our business advising they are from Intel, they wanted to speak to someone called Mark. They were arranging a webinar. No one works for us called Mark and she had a loud TV on in the background and I struggled to hear her.
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East Indian man named "Sam" wanted to speak with one of our Directors. He was pushy so I started to ask who he was, what company he was calling from and where in the world he was calling from. There was a screaming woman and children in the background which was strange. He was very pushy and said just to put him through. I told him to stop calling because he will never be put through to anyone at my company.
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Claimed to be calling from Dell but was clearly not. Foreign accent but gave a very British (fake) name. Terminated the call and blocked the number.
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Called the hotel I work at and said they wanted to leave a message for a guest by the name of Simpson that was going to walk in and book a room for the night. It was the strangest message ever with just numbers in the millions. Asked a few questions about the hotel and said he will call back later and book a room himself. Freaked me out so much that I put the panic button around my neck just in case.
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