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IRS Scammer - These guys try to scare you into thinking there's some sort of tax issue and you owe the government money. They'll usually ask for payment in some sort of Money-Pak, green-dot, it tunes or Target cards. Real IRS will never reach out to you to settle any sort of debt or issue before sending certified mail or you contacting them first. Neither do they accept payments in gift cards, western union, money-gram, etc. The scammers will keep saying it's through the EFTPS, which is legit, but the EFTPS doesn't take those kinds of cards or money transfers like WU and MG.

These guys are only out to get fraudulent gains. Beware and tell your friends/family about this increasingly common scam. They tend to pray on the elderly, people who do have some legitimate issues with the IRS, and naive.
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