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Okay, this guy Eddie Smith from RLS Construction had called and left a message for our owner. The owner asked me to call back b/c we knew it would prob be a sales call. I call and Eddie was very rude and I advised him our owner is not interested in what he has to sale. He began screaming at me and saying the message for the owner to call him back NOT me and kept screaming. I hung up and he called back twice more just to yell. Looney.
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Eddie Smith called leaving a message on my VM for me to call him. The return # he left for me to call was 661-310-3280. I called him and instantly he was in a mode of selling saw blades. After telling him repeatedly we have no interest, he demanded I agree to allow him to take "the risk" in shipping some blades. I told him we are not interested and "have a nice Day. I have work to do". He started a blood curdling scream into the phone as I hung up.
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The guy from RLS Construction called me (a municipal employee) some months ago and insisted that he send me a free saw blade to try and then he would invoice our city if we liked the blade.  When I told him I could get fired for buying a blade without doing the advance paperwork, he got mad and insisted that I would for the only city in the nation with such a rule and he eventually hung up on me after getting madder.  Well, today I had a voice mail from Jessie Smith with RLS Construction and I failed to recognize the name until it was too late and he started his high pressure saw blade sales pitch.  He said he would be showing them at the Las Vegas Concrete Expo so I said I would look at the blades there and he said that “nobody comes to his booth except his loyal customers” (I think he doesn’t have a booth).  So, I said I’d check his web site and he said he didn’t have a web site because it was “under construction”.  So, as the high pressure sales started, I finally had to hang up on him.
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Louise Cronian
2 men called this office and were RUDE and insisted they talk to the owner and could not even say his name right.  Went off on me saying he just got off the phone with the owner and he is not even here.  Then another guy called and I took a message and I told him another guy from his office called and he was rude and unfortunately I did not get his name but it was from RLS and he would not give me any information regarding what job it was regarding - Nothing.
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