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I received three calls from this number within four minutes close to the same time I lodged a complaint regarding the suspension of my Amazon account.
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i got call from this number stating that calling from amazon.com and want my credit card information. i asked to send a proof of that they are calling from amazon and he said he cannot have that information. He is in Indian accent and played to get my credit card information.
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This is Amazon's phone number. While I have no doubt that scammers spoof this number and try to steal from you, I can verify that this is Amazon's order verification phone number. I bought two gift cards from Amazon. I went back minutes later to buy two more, but the order did not complete. Within 10 minutes, this number called me. Naturally I did not answer, and my order got cancelled. Amazon fraud department sent me an email telling me to change my password and wait 5 hours before ordering again. I did so and ordered two more gift cards. Got another call from this number which I answered. Indian lady asked for me by name, asked if I ordered the gift cards. After I confirmed the purchase, the order changed from Pending to Complete. So, as in anything, use common sense. Do not give out personal information over the phone. If you ordered something (like gift cards) that scammers normally trade in, you might get a phone call.
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Same info as the rest of these reports. The fellow with the Indian accent said he was confirming a $77 appliance purchase for my name and last four digits of a credit card. I had heard about these scams where they try to get you to say "yes". I just kept saying "No", "No", "No" and didn't confirm anything. Even when he said something like "I'll cancel it for you then?" *Click* on my end....Yeah, buddy, you do that. I let Amazon know.
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The same story as all mentioned below. Amazon, you made a purchase of a printer, the last 4 digits of my expired 2 years ago credit card. They knew my business name, my name, my address. That really scared me. The guy with obvious Indian accent ( 90% of Amazon staff from Customer Service are from India , 9% - from Jamaica) stated he is going to cancel the order and I have to call my bank to stop my credit card.
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