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My phone blocked a call from this number after iade an Amazon purchase. Should I be worried?
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So after that is there anything else happened to your order or to you? Cause I reviewed that call just now,and I was also asked the same question, it's really weird!!!
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Carol DiLallo
They asked me to verify that I had made a purchase for 2 coats (which I had) with last 4 digits of my credit card.  They claimed to be from Amazon.  He was a foreign accented man.  Thing is I don't use my home number only  my cell and the call came to my home.  Is this a fraudulent call?
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Contacted Amazon Customer Service.  This apparently IS NOT from them.  See the transcript.  I edited my name:

Initial Question: Received a phone call from someone claiming to be with Amazon. It was an unknown number with several reports of possible fraud, wanted to make sure
12:04 PM PST Gen(Amazon): Hello, my name is Gen. I'm here to help you today.
Thank you for being a Prime member.

12:05 PM PST Me: Does Amazon use a number 206-508-4014?
12:05 PM PST Gen: I do understand that you want to know if Amazon uses the phone number you have provided, no worries let me go ahead and check what I can do to help you.
12:05 PM PST Me: Thank you
12:06 PM PST Gen: You're most welcome, Michael.
Please allow me a moment as I review your concern.

12:07 PM PST Gen: Thank you for waiting.
12:08 PM PST Gen: I have checked it here and I can see that that we have a different phone number. phone call you received wasn't from Amazon.com.
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Rachael Horne
I got a call today after ordering 406.00 off of amazon yesterday and thought it was weird they were calling to verify ID.
I've never had this happen as I have ordered tons in the past!!
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