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Samuel Roberts
I never heard of them and they keep calling my parents. I had to change my number, they kept calling several times a week at work.
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Interesting.  This thread has been dormant for 2 years, now here you are telling us how wonderfully easy this company is to work with.  a simple phone call and all is taken care of?  Why you even copied the ad from their contact page.  But the even bigger question is why are you posting here?  After all, you said you found them through their web site, not by looking up this number.  So you must have looked it up after you talked to them.  Which means that you knew everything you needed to know.  but you then looked up the number anyway and posted here.  Now why would you do that?
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I've just started receiving harassing calls several times a day from FMA Alliance for someone with a Middle Eastern-sounding name. Calling back the number gets you nowhere so I looked around and found their website. There is a box noting who to call if you are receiving calls that are not for you. I called and it took a few tries but I finally got a Unit Manager, explained I do not know the party they are seeking & asked to have my number removed. She verified my number (she wanted my name - I told her Google it, White Pages will show who it's registered to) then said her records have been corrected. The info I found said "Please call 800-955-5598 during business hours and ask for a Unit Manager." Business hours are Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm *, Friday 8am-5pm *, Saturday 8am-12pm *, (*all times are Central Time). Hope this helps anyone else being harassed by these idiots.
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Geeter Tron
Well, if it's the wrong number, why do you keep answering it?
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Charlie Johnson
This number is from FMA Alliance from what I gather, they are out of the Houston Area.  They will not state what their business is nor why they are calling.  I did get a hold of them today and told them in PLAIN TERMS that I would come down and TERMINATE THEM IF THEY CALLED AGAIN.  The Supervisor put me on the DO NOT CALL LIST.
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