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county hospitals are free goofball.
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I get the same thing everyone else is saying. I get a call from these people I answer the phone, and I wait on hold for 10 minutes with some annoying music and then the line goes dead. If I do have a bill that is overdue (if that is the truth like the a**hole Jim suggested) I am gladly willing to work out an arrangement, but if the person keeps hanging up on me and if I don't answer, they leave no voicemail. How am I supposed to care about a past due bill when some supposed collection agency doesn't seem to care?
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First and foremost it is harassment to call someone daily and not state your business. Second of all obamacare might one
day crash the government but if yall have not noticed we are headed that way no matter what. So whether you pay the
bill or not isnt going to matter you can change your number eventually someone will find it same thing.
And lastly no matter who you are or who you think you are, your not.... If your posting on here at some point in your life you
have owed somebody for something. So each and every one of us is part of the demise of the government.
So pay it or don't pay it either way we are all to blame, just stay free and keep gaining more debt...
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[***] keep calling.  I have a business line and owe no one anything but they don't give any information.  Just hold music.   Jim.... You should know more about something before you pop off such rude [***] comments.
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Sure there is. Houston just is not in it.
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